With the prestigious ISU Space Studies Program (SSP) being held at CIT from June 26th to August 25th 2017, this is a unique opportunity to explore how industry and academia can benefit from this growing international sector. Being awarded the hosting of the SSP is a significant achievement for Ireland, Cork and CIT. The SSP will attract:

  • Over 135 academic participants from all disciplines within the space industry.
  • Over 50 faculty and 100 visiting lectures consisting of many of the space industry’s top industry professionals.
  • Astronauts,  ESA and NASA professionals and many other people with unique experience and stories with in the space industry.

There has never been a better time to get involved with this exciting and ever growing international sector and Ireland’s input into it is set to grow rapidly over the next few years. In 2014 the global space economy was valued at €300 billion worldwide. Together, commercial space activities made up 76 percent of the global space economy. The Industry as a whole demonstrated a compound annual growth rate [CAGR] of seven percent from 2005 to 2014 nearly doubling in size over the course of the decade.

In the next four years Ireland will spend over €300m on space activities. Under the direction of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Ireland has established the ESA Business Incubation Centre which is sited in Cork but with a national footprint. Ireland has ambitious targets for growing the Irish space industry base and the associated support framework:

  • Doubling of economic impact by 2020 – Exports, Jobs, BERD
  • Increased number and scale of companies – from 40 to 80 Companies
  • Coherent & comprehensive national coordination of space policy (DJEI/El)
  • Increased participation in the ESA Science programme
  • Ireland seen as a critical space technologies Hub
  • Expansion of export markets outside Europe
  • Expansion of the downstream sector (including the use of space data for diverse applications including transport and logistics disaster warning and mitigation and human health enhancement).

SSP17 will be by far the largest space related event to be held in Ireland. It well represent one of the largest ever conference windfalls for Cork with an estimated direct value of €1.5m to the city and a further €0.25m in media value. It will offer unprecedented opportunities to raise the profile of Ireland’s existing space industry amongst the general public and to promote opportunities to new companies. The Opening Ceremony will be held in Cork City Hall. SSP Opening Ceremonies are high impact events with each of the nationalities involved entering the ceremony venue behind their national flag. As part of our marketing and Promotion programme we will be organising visits by SSPI7 participants to companies referenced in the “Irelands Space Endeavours”; brochure prepared by Enterprise Ireland, amongst others.

Over the next year, working with SSP17 Alumni, the Irish Space industry Group and other interested parties, it is intended to develop a position paper with a working title of “Maximising Ireland’s engagement with and return from Its Space Endeavours”. This position paper will then form the background research for one of the SSP Team Projects (TPs) who will provide additional commentary. SSP TPs are completed by 30-40 SSP participants working during the last 3 weeks of their SSP programme and hence it Is anticipated that the final product from all concerned will be an expert-informed White Paper on how Ireland might maximise its next phase of participation in the global space industry. This will he one of the tangible outputs from SSP17 Conference, from the SSPI7 alumni community and from the Irish Space industry itself.

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