Space came Ireland! From 26th June until 25th August 2017, the Cork Institute of Technology, CIT’s Blackrock Castle Observatory and Ireland hosted the International Space University’s exciting Space Studies Program (SSP). The intense and unique program gathered over 100 of the world’s future space leaders from over 30 different countries for an educational experience like no other. To teach these professionals, over 200 of the world’s top Astronauts, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Artists and International University Faculty members visit ed Ireland and brought the participants on a whirlwind educational adventure through all the space related fields; from Engineering, Science and Applications to Law, Business, Humanities and Human Performance in outer space.

As well as the exciting Space Studies Program, Ireland has and is involved in a great many space related endeavors both nationally and internationally:

Global investment in the space sector has led to increased levels of economic return for those that invest in the exciting and expanding sector. Ireland is set to increase its contribution to the European Space Agency (ESA) which will see the amount of Irish space sector jobs to over 1000 by 2020. In recent months, the establishment of an ESA Space Solutions incubator in Ireland will provide seed money and technical assistance to companies related to the space sector. Ireland’s newest radio telescope, the Irish Low Frequency Array (I-LOFAR) is being constructed at the historical Birr castle, close to the Third Earl of Rosses Great Telescope that was the largest telescope in the world in the 1800’s. It will form the westernmost point of the 2000km wide International Lofar Telescope.

It’s going to be a very space filled summer for Ireland and through it we will be able to showcase and discuss Ireland’s exciting contributions to this cosmic sector and explore some of our unlimited potential for the future!

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